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We are a reliable team compound by qualified and keen people on own job.
Officially born in 1998 but with a history of more than twenty years of experience in the stone industry, we draw our inspiration as well as attitude and as professional setting, from one of most long and important cultural age of all time: the Byzantine Empire from which we get the name.
An extraordinary era that reflects our idea how to work.

A way of work, now as before, looking for a synthesis between design traditions of East and West, creating an original elegance all over recognized.
We work in our recently opened factory, in an area of 40.000 square meters.

We are able to satisfy the clients’ tastes and demand from any part of the world starting from the choice of the quarry, to the extraction of the material, the design through to installation.

Residential, public, religious, funeral, naval and furnishing of design are our strength points, even though we love challenges and we are ready to bring our know-how in more innovative and interesting projects.

The skill and passion in working with marble and stones allowed us to become a center of manufacture and transformation of Agloquartz (Silestone), porcelain gres (Laminam), Sintered (Dekton).
With them and with possible other new upcoming collaborations, we look to the future with confidence, knowing that you can clothe any portion of the best environment, inside or outside with high level of style and guarantee.





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