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Protagonists at Sicam 2016, or rather, let’s “redesign” the most innovative kitchen layouts.

As promised, in this space we would like to tell you a little about our experience at the last edition of Sicam in Pordenone, which we attended with a high level of enthusiasm, discovering an extremely interesting design phenomenon underway in the segment of accessories and components for the world of furnishings. In this special setting, we had the opportunity to “redesign” with our stoneware solutions, which range from Dekton to Silestone, and from Marmotex to ...

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Cersaie and Marmomacc 2016: consideration about our visit waiting for Sicam.

As mentioned in the previous post we inform you about our considerations on trade fairs Cersaie and Marmotecc which have recently concluded and that we couldn't miss. The intent is to draw a short consideration of these experiences trying here below to synthesizing what most impressed us, giving  our perspective on events and awaiting ...

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Cersaie, Marmomacc and Sicam: 3 challenges in the world of coating that we want to share with you

From late September onwards is now a well-established tradition to take part in the various trade fairs related to the coatings industry, marble, porcelain design and innovative materials useful to any environment. Specifically this year, in optical fairs, we are particularly engaged on the front "Hubstone" , both to realize prototypes useful for fairs and testing of products, and which is more and more tended to producing induction cooktops on gres porcelain from 6 mm and ...

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Innovation, technology, security, design and style made in Italy in just 6 mm thick

Think about a company with almost 40 years experience in cutting, processing and finishing of marble, granite, quartz and precious stones in general keep in mind that the same company mentioned in the previous point, today wishes and is able to decline their experience and guide its skills into the world of the latest generation of gres porcelain ...

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News about induction cooking method. The project Hubstone. Interview with Elio Latini.

Latini Elio is CEO of Hubstone project that by early 2015 identifies the application of induction cooking under tops in porcelain stoneware and in particular in Dekton How and what is Hubstone? The current project was defined with a specific collaboration agreement with Fabita, company that manufactures induction hobs, which a few years earlier had developed the concept, on the commercial side, the coordination in the development of the product up to the communication ... ...

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10 good reasons to tell an important story: the ours

We needed a "narrative space" on this website, in addition to our Facebook page, for various reasons that we would like to explain briefly below 1 First of all, it seemed right to have our own space, where talk exclusively about us, what we do, what we are able of doing but also how we think the present and the future of our work 2 Because we believe that the story of a brand like that of I Bizantini deserves an immediacy of point which otherwise makes it more difficult to ...

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