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Innovation, technology, security, design and style made in Italy in just 6 mm thick

  • Think about a company with almost 40 years experience in cutting, processing and finishing of marble, granite, quartz and precious stones in general

  • keep in mind that the same company mentioned in the previous point, today wishes and is able to decline their experience and guide its skills into the world of the latest generation of gres porcelain tiles

  • imagine a company always careful to the change, design and style in the world of the lining and the finest furniture components

  • consider the recent innovation in producing new variations of gres porcelain tiles both in terms of "texture", now virtually identical to those of the natural material, and both the  capacity in cutting and finishing such as  the size of 3240 x 1630 x 6

  • consider the important innovation of induction cooktops made in gres from 6 mm thick that immediately we paid attention, because, as no other material in our view, it is able to exalt the designer kitchen in terms of elegance, style and function 

Put together all above mentioned and the obvious consequence is the capacity of the  I Bizantini to "move" easily through any possible solution in terms of creation of innovative and high quality finishes.

What has been said still helps  a lot the I Bizantini in constant dialogue with the most prestigious brands in the world of kitchen furniture Made in Italy furniture of bars etc, but also with architects more ambitious and demanding, as well as the most prestigious and important general contractors.

The reasons for this success, we believe, are to be found in the capacity to answer any demand with professionalism and deep-rooted experience: whether it is marble or that refers to "alternative materials” that are duly gaining popularity  of the market: such as DektonSilestone and other various types of gres porcelain.

In this sense, the recent and extraordinary  dimensions’ production of some types of porcelain slabs (as mentioned), combined with our experience of working large size, allowed us to be among the first company  able to propose, for example to the most prestigious cuisineinnovative environments lining solutions.

Solutions that, we imagine, many clients will show in their respective trade fair since next autumn-winter 2016.

Out of all the possibilities to cover completely the kitchen with a particular top, made from a single slab of material and worked for every single solution.

Work plan, the kitchen sink, passing through the cookers designed and manufactured with induction technology that uses 6 mm thick porcelain stoneware, I Bizantini can realize one large "working surface for the kitchen", in order to make the environment more stylish, safe and practical as well as environmentally friendly.

Wanting to elaborate, we  i Bizantini  can therefore affirm that:

  • think about the world kitchen such a habitat more elegant, so we've worked hard to be able to offer to all brands of kitchen of highest level an aesthetic and prestigious solution ,where the continuity of the nuances and the material are always connected

  • We have always worked for a more safe kitchen because with the induction system, the use of the flame disappears in the house and therefore the possibility of inadvertently touching the surface

  • We believe in a more functional kitchen surface since everything done on one level perfectly smoothed , without joint, steps, cavities etc.: so food preparation and cleaning the work surface can be done, always, with a considerable saving of time and energy

  • We consider the kitchen top, in gres last generation of 6 mm with integrated induction, environmentally aware in 2 different ways:


  1. the use of the latest generation gres avoids exclusive  use of natural materia with all that implies

  2. with induction cooking, heat loss is significantly reduced because all concentrated almost exclusively where it is needed and can be fed directly from renewable sources.


That said it seems clear that given the potential, the workability and strength of various porcelain stoneware producted in slabs 3240x1630 x 6 mm thickness, we can think to exploit the material for many more demands "more traditional", ranging from the same kitchen and bathroom tops, until the bar furniture, home accessories and flooring for outdoor and indoor use etc.

We understand that by 6 mm thick we can do a lot and maybe later, who knows,even more

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