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You just can’t see it

The future of the induction: the invisible kitchen top

What, at a first sight, looks like a simple slab, hides an integrated induction cooking system able to combine innovative design together with high versatility.
The R&D department has studied and implemented the features and the functionality of COOKING Surface Prime making the perfect fusion between technology and natural material and creating the induction of the future.
The induction process takes place when a magnetic field matches a metallic cookware. The induction top detects the metal pot and makes it warm, cooking what’s inside.
A kitchen top for cooking lovers, both for innovative ones and conservative ones. A technology that allows to increase creativity using all available working space.

The induction sintered slabs

The Cooking Surface Prime system is combined with the 20mm large sintered slabs manufactured and distributed by ABKSTONE, MATERIA and GARDENIA SLABS.
The slabs, guaranteed 25 years, are perfect for both domestic and professional application.
They’re able to resist to stains, scratches and blades, this way you can cut and prepare food directly on the surface. The materials, completely waterproof and not porous, are considered highly higienic and resistant.
Also, they are able to withstand high and low temperatures along with exposition to adverse weather conditions.

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