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Cersaie, Marmomacc and Sicam: 3 challenges in the world of coating that we want to share with you

From late September onwards is now a well-established tradition to take part in the various trade fairs related to the coatings industry, marble, porcelain design and innovative materials useful to any environment.

Specifically this year, in optical fairs, we are particularly engaged on the front "Hubstone" , both to realize prototypes useful for fairs and testing of products, and which is more and more tended to producing induction cooktops on gres porcelain from 6 mm and above

By this post we would like to share with you our program of "presence" in the various fairs with and without direct supervision: so you will know if and where to come to consider the Hubstone news and also starting together a certain tour of fairs 2016, in which to appraise and comment what seen : from Cersaie in Bologna, to Marmomacc in Verona and Sicam in Pordenone.

The goal is to try to create even more opportunities for knowledge and exchange, whether direct (at the fair) and indirect (online), in addition to know us for our interest in what we do, and have the chance to share, more generally, what we like/joint in the wonderful world of innovative coatings and design.

For this reason it would be really interesting if you write your impressions on our Facebook page (if you will) on one or more of the various fairs 2016 that you visit. Maybe you tell us what you hit in a particular way and what not and (why not) wouldn't be bad at all that, wherever possible, tell us your opinion on induction Hubstone news .

All this because we care about your considerations, which for us are the primary source of reference for what we do and what we will do.

You can leave your comments in Facebook and this article will be posted in the social network; we will share what we are going to do about your considerations concerning the new products that will be shown in the coming months of September and October at the various events.
As far as we are concerned we will start the tour from September 28 at Marmomacc in Verona in order to examine some news in the world of machines for cutting and processing of marble and more.

Meanwhile, on September 26 the Cersaie in Bologna is already started and it will finish on September 30 : we hope to be there around on September 29 and "enjoy" it.

This will be an opportunity to verify the authentic news and of course greet old friends and visit colleagues from all over Italy.

Throug this "coming and going" , we don't forget to work hard in order to center the most important appointment of Sicam Fair in Pordenone, where from October 18 to 21 we shall show at Stand Fabita C11 all the new products for kitchen under the brand Hubstone in gres Florim Formstone 6 mm

At this point we just have to tuck up our sleeves, warm up the engines, open minds to new ideas and start this next adventure though the 3 most important fairs in Italy in the field of the coating and more.

Wea wait your comments-opinions -photos-video etc and give you appointment in 4 different places where we will talk about processing, technology, design and innovation in coatings: Bologna, Verona, Pordenone and obviously on line on our channels.





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